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Issue: 2019, Vol. 24, No. 2

V. A. Polyakova, T. P. Shevlyukova, N. V. Grigorieva, E. A. Spirina


regressive pregnancy, pharmacological abortion, postabortion stress, hemostasis, lipidperoxidation.
Pregnancy regression and pharmacological abortion are accompanied with the alterations in hemostasis system. Objective – to estimate the status of thrombocyte and coagulation links of hemostasis, lipidperoxidation system (LPO) and antioxidant protection after pharmacological abortion of regressive pregnancy at early terms. Material and methods. 30 women who undergone pharmacological abortion of regressive pregnancy to 63 day of amenorrhea inclusively were examined. Hemostasis indices were studied at the background of regressive pregnancy (initial point) and in three days after Mizoprostol administration. 39 healthy women of reproductive age without pregnancy composed control group. Parameters of thrombocyte hemostasis, hemostasis coagulation link (recalcification activated time (RAT), thrombin activated partial time (TAPT), thrombin time (TT), soluble fibrin-monomeric complexes level (SFMC) were evaluated. Lipidperoxidation intensity was estimated by malon dialdehyde level (MDA), blood antioxidant system activity – by glutathione-S-transferase (G-S-T) and vitamin A in plasma. Results and discussion. Hemostasis thrombocyte link activation (trustworthy decrease of thrombocyte maximal aggregation time (190,8 ± 31,5 sec, in control – 288,0 ± 16,2 sec; р < 0,05), TAPT increase (27,47 ± 3,47 sec, in control – 31,19 ± 3,31 sec; p < 0,05), TT reduction (14,9 ± 1,8 sec and in control – 16,8 ± 2,4 sec, p < 0,05) were revealed at the background of regressive pregnancy at early terms. Thrombocyte level normalization to 247,7 ± 49,1 10 /l, further decrease of aggregation velocity to 14,5 ± 2,0 sec ( p < 0,05 in comparison with control) and thrombocyte aggregation degree to 5,1 ± 2,3 relative units (p < 0,05 in comparison with control) were determined after pregnancy abortion in women from basic group. TT was trustworthy increased in comparison with the initial parameter (to 17,2 ± 2,1 sec; p < 0,05), SFMC concentration was decreased from 3,39 ± 0,19 to 2,25 ± 3,57 mg/100ml (p < 0,05). Regressive pregnancy was accompanied with marked disorders in antioxidant protection and LPO and it was demonstrated in significant increase of MDA concentrations (129,0 ± 89,92 mmol/l, in control – 67,5 ± 22,9 mmol/l, p < 0,05) and G-S-T activity reduction (3601,5 ± 745,38 mcmol/ml per minute, in control – 383,96 ± 248,02 mcmol/ml per minute, p < 0,05). In the postabortion period further increase of MDA content to 153,0 ± 53,49 mmol/l and decrease of G-S-T activity (initially – 3601 ± 745,38 mcmol/ml per minute, after abortion – 2116,4 ± 547,45 mcmol/ml per minute; p < 0,05) were determined. Conclusion. The obtained data testified to the necessity of further investigations in this sphere in order to define possible ways for revealed changes correction and prevention of complications.