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Issue: 2013, Vol. 18, No. 3

Nanchikeeva M. L., Bulanov N. M., Zaitseva V. P.

The paradigm of kidney function acute aggravation: from acute renal failure to acute kidney injury

acute kidney injury, concept, predictors, criteria, severity stratification, prevention
International nephrological organizations introduced a new concept of “acute kidney injury” in clinical practice. It is not identical with acute renal failure or acute tubular necrosis; it is combined both these notions but it may be revealed also in patients with less severe renal failure or in case of acute pain absence in renal function in some definite period of time does not satisfy physiologically substantiated organism need. KRIGO Clinical Practice Guidelines for Acute Kidney Injury were published in 2011 but they did not contain the precise proceedings of treatment. Timely identification of renal dysfunction risk factors is the first stage of the improvement of the treatment outcomes. Detection of highly specified markers of early subclinical stage of kidney injury (especially molecular biomarkers of intercellular and cell-matrix interrelations in kidney from the moment of etiological factor impact till first clinical symptoms manifestation) and their introduction into widespread clinical practice is to be the actual task.