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Issue: 2014, Vol. 19, No. 2

Rogov A. V., Levitsky E. F., Pashkov V. K., Nechaeva E. I., Barabash R. Z., Korshunov S. D.

Complex rehabilitation in patients with children’s cerebral paralysis in the form of spastic diplegia: direct and remote results

children’s invalidism, children’s cerebral paralysis, rehabilitation, equilibrium, step length, motion volume
The article considers the results of direct and remote aftertreatment in patients with children’s cerebral paralysis. These patients undergone complex treatment which was supplemented with exercises at training equipment. These exercises were developed by the authors. This training equipment had free geometric motion, excluded patient’s injures, was rather simple while usage and was available both for training gymnastic premises and for home use. The findings were evaluated and it was revealed that the equilibrium duration was increased and it statistically exceeded the comparative group index to a considerable extent.